Small Boat Insurance

When you want to buy insurance for a small boat we pride ourselves on being able to provide a quality small boat insurance policy at highly competitive rates... nothing more, nothing less. Small boats that we provide boat insurance for to literally thousands of UK customers include: Dinghies, RIBS, Rowing boats, Sailboards.

Third Party CoverFully Comprehensive
Cruisers From £87.80 » From £173.57 »
Day boats/ Small Motor Boats From £87.80 » From £114.42 »
Dinghies From £39.60 » From £46.75 »
RIBs From £133.72 » From £207.08 »
Rowing (all sizes) From £48.60 » From £50.00 »
Speedboats From £121.40 » From £238.43 »

"I liked the ease of getting an approximate quote from you. The purchase process was very straightforward online." - Gregory (Motorboat Owner)

4 boat picturesHere are the key policy attributes that we provide as standard to all customers;

  • Highly competitive quotations as standard
  • Third party boat insurance cover available for all boat types (£2-3 million indemnity)
  • No excess for first claims (conditions apply)
  • Up to 30% no claims discount.
  • Deal only with fully named UK staff.
  • Optional;
    • Marine Legal Protection and Contents
    • Protected no claims discount
  • Policies underwritten only by quality insurers
  • Get covered in less than 5 minutes... boat insurance quotes

Q&A: Small Boat Insurance

"Great customer service, had a question about my policy which was quickly resolved, i have purchased my boat insurance from this company for years and will carry on while ever the quotes are competitive." - Andrew (Cruiser Owner)

Key small boat insurance cost factors

The most important factors that determine that cost are;

  1. Your vessel valuation
  2. Third party cover or fully comprehensive cover
  3. Your mooring location
  4. Your claims history
  5. Optional extras (e.g. racing, outboards, legal cover)

How small boat insurance is calculated

Calculation of a small boat insurance premium requires the calculation of an insurance percentage rate (based upon risk) which is multiplied by your combined vessel value. This rate is then supplemented by any relevant factors such as racing cover, mooring location, claims history, any extra stated requirements, tax and finally any increased excess discount is applied.

Is it a legal requirement in the UK to buy boat insurance?

No, but you may need cover to access certain private boatyards and marinas. If in doubt, always check locally in advance. If you do risk it, buying small boat insurance is usually quick and a 3rd party policy can cost as little as £39.60 per year.

Can I buy small boat insurance online?

You can usually buy boat insurance immediately, but only under certain circumstances might you not be able to; abnormal valuations, claims history, vessel age, risky cruising ranges, commercial vessels, vessels undergoing build or refit or repair.

How to reduce a boat insurance insurance premium

Check your boat value is correct compared to real world values... this is the single most important thing. Secondly, certain factors are statistically known to increase the risk of claims: long distance cruising, racing, non-private/ unprotected moorings, older vessels.

The information you'll need to buy boat insurance

When buying small boat insurance you'll need to know your boat's make and model, year of construction, length, legal owner(s), cruising range, mooring type/ marina name, no claims years / any recent claims and place of registration (UK or otherwise). You will also need to submit any no claims evidence and for certain larger older vessel owners evidence of a recent boat survey.

Boat insurance extras

Our insurance policies do all usually supply additional options which are boat type dependent. Usual options include; no claims protection, legal cover, spars/ sails/ rigging/ contents cover, racing cover, increased policy excess and water toys/ skiing.

Should I shop around?

Of course, our insurance matches anything available in our industry but we want you to be entirely confident you're getting the best deal particularly if you have a very high value vessel, insure multiple vessels or have special requirements. Equally if in doubt, or you get a better deal elsewhere give us a quick call on 01684 564 457. Remember we always have qualified staff immediately at hand to tailor your package to your needs.

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"I find you friendly helpful and always a reasonable price. " - David (Dinghy Owner)

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