Fishing Boat Insurance

Our Fishing Boat Insurance is a good quality product at a competitive insurance rate... it really is that simple! What's more we can guarantee you a UK based customer service from a named advisor! The Mercia Marine Quadrant Policy includes many benefits some of these are shown below;

Fishing boat insurance
  • Highly competitive rates as standard
  • Up to 30% no claims discount can also be protected upon request
  • Policies underwritten by excellent insurers
  • Trailer, trolley and outboard cover as required
  • UK only staff, never any junk mail & no automated calls!
  • Get covered in less than 2 minutes... why pay more for less?

As one of our specialisms in which we know we're highly competitive, we can cater for all fishing boat models and make certain on a like for like basis our quotations always provide great value.

Regular Fishing Boat Insurance Queries

Do I Need Fishing Boat Insurance?

It’s a sensible question and since it is not a legal requirement on many waters, appropriate cover makes good sense. Firstly it'll protect your capital investment (plus if you have a mortgage on the vessel your lender may insist upon it) and secondly it'll protect against any potentially unlimited claim by a third party (e.g. for injury or damage caused by you/ your vessel).

Is Boat Insurance a Legal Requirement?

No, not in the UK, but you may need 3rd party cover to access private boatyards or marinas, alternatively is you have a boat mortgage the lender may insist upon this.

Can I Buy Insurance Online Immediately?

In most instances, yes. Abnormal vessel value, recent claims, vessel age above 25 years (without a recent survey), risky mooring locations and vessels undergoing major refit/ repair are the only major exceptions.

How Can I Reduce My Premium?

More risk AND a higher vessel valuation means higher premiums. Therefore first ensure your vessel valuation is accurate! Secondly, certain factors are statistically known to increase the risk of claims: non-private/ unprotected moorings, older vessels. Inevitably also fully comprehensive insurance (i.e. covering your and the other party's vessel instead of just a single vessel) costs more. You can also option for an increased excess.

What Does It Typically Cost?

We classify private fishing boats under the vessel category "dayboats", there are two maximum design speed categories (0-17 & 18-35 knots), listed below are the current prices

Boat Insurance TypeCover TypeCurrent LowestCurrent Lowest Inception DateCurrent Average
Small Motor Boat/ Day boat (up to 17 knots) » Fully Comprehensive £114.42 15/07/2021 £218.22
Third Party Only £87.80 19/07/2021 £106.62
Large motor Boat/ Day Boat (up to 35 knots) » Fully Comprehensive £183.84 06/01/2022 £259.91
Third Party Only £100.00 06/08/2021 £119.81

Should I Shop Around?

Absolutely! We're confident our insurance matches anything available in our industry but we want you to be happy you're getting the best deal for you. This advice is particularly relevant if you have a high value vessel, want to insure multiple vessels or have specialist requirements. In all instances it may also well be worth giving us a quick call on 01684 564 457 if you're unhappy with your quote or policy conditions.

Get Peace of Mind and Get Fishing!

Get a boat insurance quoteWhether your fishing is inland or coastal UK we'll leave you with the ultimate peace of mind. Therefore why pay more and accept less? Get yourself a quote and get fishing with peace of mind today.

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