Dutch Barge Insurance

We take pride in being able to provide you with quality dutch barge insurance at highly competitive rates... nothing more, nothing less! When dealing with us we also guarantee you'll always get dealt with in person by named UK staff as well as a whole range of other standard benefits, these are listed below;

Dutch Barge on canal
  • Highly competitive boat insurance rates as standard
  • Policies underwritten by excellent insurers
  • Up to 30% no claims discount which can also be protected upon request
  • Breach or closure of a waterway cover included (see policy for details).
  • No excess for first claims in home marina (conditions apply)
  • Contents cover available (you can flag this requirement as part of a standard quote or just contact us direct).
  • No automated calls & never any junk mail!
  • Rapid on-line Dutch barge quotes...

Based in the West Midlands heart of the canal boat network, dutch barges, canal boats and houseboat insurance are particular specialisms of ours, including live-a-boards. As a result therefore, not only do we offer a great insurance product we're confident our insurance rates are highly competitive so much so if a competitor beats one of our quotes on a like for like basis tell us and we'll do our very best to beat it!

Questions About Dutch Barges

What does Dutch Barge insurance cost?

Typically, based on our live policy data, Dutch Barge insurance costs between £252.86 and £704.92. These are our average costs for third party only versus fully comprehensive boat insurance.

What key factors affect Dutch Barge insurance cost?

The most important factors for dutch barges are; third party Vs full comprehensive cover, IPT tax (currently 10% in the UK), your vessel valuation, if you live aboard, any special content/ equipment items.

How are Dutch Barge Insurance quotes calculated

It's very similar to most boat insurance types. A percentage rate is determined by your answers to our questions (a higher rate represents more risk) is which is then multiplied by your total vessel valuation. This value is then reduced by a fixed percentage for each years no claim's bonus and further discounted if an increased excess discount is selected. Finally any applicable tax is added, this is 10% for the UK mainland at time of writing.

How can I reduce my quotation?

The simplest and most fundamental way is to have an accurate vessel valuation that has allowed for some vessel depreciation each year. Increased no claims bonus and increasing the insurance excess are the two other biggest ways to reduce your premium.

Is Dutch Barge Insurance a legal necessity?

No, not in the UK. However you may need at least third-party cover to access private waterways, boatyards and marinas and However rules in mainland Europe differ. Always check in advance.

Can I buy Dutch Barge Insurance online?

In most instances, yes. The only exception is if you require personal contents, also depending on your answer to certain questions (e.. your cruising) range your quotation may be referred for approval by staff. This may delay the process by up to 24 hours after which you will then be emailed to confirm your quote is ready and allowed to purchase online.

Should I shop around for Dutch Barge Insurance?

Whilst we know our insurance matches anything available in our industry for best value, absolutely you should! Both for peace of mind and purely since different policies always have differing terms and conditions. Whilst we're highly competitive and differences are often fairly minor, we accept that no single set of policy terms and conditions suits everyone best.

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