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Plants in money jarsMercia Marine provides quality boat insurance at highly competitive prices, our business aims really are that simple! To demonstrate that beyond any reasonable doubt we've listed below both our current lowest priced and our current average priced boat insurance policy tariffs. This information is based upon live policy data from active customers. Therefore we suggest you compare our best boat insurance prices with your best competitive quotation. Remember this data is based on active customer policies NOT advertised best prices... thus feel free to check back any time for the latest list!

Whilst we cannot guarantee these prices for all (price ultimately depends on various factors e.g. insurance type, boat value, years no claims discount, cruising range, mooring location etc) we are openly and honestly displaying this information in confidence of our ability to compete with anyone in our industry. Meanwhile we still insist that we provide great value QUALITY boat insurance, meaning in simple terms that we provide superb value for money!

Standard Policy Attributes

Also consider when comparing prices these additional policy attributes that are provided to all our valued customers as standard;

  • Small yacht model in windowOur policies are underwritten by quality, hand picked insurers.
  • Unlike the vast majority, we operate under Agreed Vessel Valuation.
  • No excess for first claims in home marina (conditions apply).
  • Free water-skiing & water-toys liability limit of £3,000,000 for those who require it.
  • Up to 30% no claims discount (where applicable).
  • £2 million or £3 million indemnity limits.
  • Breach or closure of a waterway cover included on inland waterways (see policy for details).
  • Dinghy racing cover included as standard (where applicable).
  • You'll always be dealt with in person by named UK staff.
  • Strictly: No nuisance calls, junk mail or unnecessary information disclosure to third parties (see our privacy policy).

About Boat Insurance Comparison

Whilst there are in excess of 400,000 boats moored in and around the UK, compared to home or travel insurance, boat insurance is a more complex, fairly niche market. As a result whilst you'll find several companies advertising to 'compare boat insurance', in fact (at time of writing at least!) there is actually no boat comparison website where you can compare boat insurance quotes for more than a handful companies. This is why we're instead providing you with a transparent list of our best value currently active policies, so that those after absolute best value rates can compare our boat insurance prices with others.

Comparison Boat Insurance Prices

The pricing below table is for indicative purposes only. It shows our current lowest and average policy costs, as stated above this is based upon live customer data which is updated automatically weekly. If you find you're paying to much for too little, to obtain a quotation based on your specific individual requirements click on the relevant categories' link below to get a quotation... you can be covered in less than 5 minutes!

Boat Insurance TypeCover TypeCurrent LowestCurrent Lowest Inception DateCurrent Average
Speedboat insurance » Fully Comprehensive £238.43 06/08/2021 £343.72
Third Party Only £121.40 28/10/2021 £131.36
Yacht insurance » Fully Comprehensive £284.14 04/09/2021 £386.92
Third Party Only £110.20 28/09/2021 £143.13
Narrowboat insurance » Fully Comprehensive £116.92 08/10/2021 £226.78
Third Party Only £76.60 25/09/2021 £87.85
Catamaran insurance » Fully Comprehensive £619.80 07/08/2021 £484.52
Third Party Only £115.80 28/10/2021 £125.88
RIB insurance » Fully Comprehensive £207.08 20/07/2021 £330.66
Third Party Only £133.72 01/10/2021 £139.32
Houseboat insurance » Fully Comprehensive £143.25 21/12/2021 £268.61
Third Party Only £71.00 01/10/2021 £125.40
Rowing boat insurance » Fully Comprehensive £50.00 29/12/2021 £107.62
Third Party Only £48.60 20/12/2021 £52.99
Dinghy insurance » Fully Comprehensive £46.75 16/07/2021 £115.93
Third Party Only £39.60 02/09/2021 £52.77
Dutch barge insurance » Fully Comprehensive £704.92 05/08/2021 £704.92
Third Party Only £256.92 20/12/2021 £252.86
Sports boat insurance » Fully Comprehensive £238.43 06/08/2021 £343.72
Third Party Only £121.40 28/10/2021 £131.36
Small Motor Boat/ Day boat (up to 17 knots) » Fully Comprehensive £114.42 15/07/2021 £218.22
Third Party Only £87.80 19/07/2021 £106.62
Large motor Boat/ Day Boat (18 knots+) » Fully Comprehensive £183.84 06/01/2022 £259.91
Third Party Only £100.00 06/08/2021 £119.81
Small Cruiser (up to 17 knots) » Fully Comprehensive £173.57 10/09/2021 £301.99
Third Party Only £87.80 23/08/2021 £108.78
Large Cruiser (18 knots+) » Fully Comprehensive £150.31 07/09/2021 £409.49
Third Party Only £100.00 10/08/2021 £128.33

Fantastically Competitive Rates

Get a quoteBased on the above we hope that you'll agree our rates are fantastically competitive, meanwhile we also provide quality cover and great quality customer service. So, why pay more and accept less?! Get a quote and get covered today... or alternatively just give us a call 01684 564 457.

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