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When you buy boat insurance from us you can be confident that we pride ourselves on providing quality boat insurance at highly competitive rates... simple! That's right, nothing more, nothing less, here are some of our rate examples of our rates (drawn from active policy data);

  • Up to 30% no claims discount Rock pile by sea
  • Protected no claims discount (optional for a small additional premium)
  • Cheaper premiums if you double or treble your policy excess
  • No excess for first claims in a named marina (conditions apply)
  • Fully trained staff located in the UK
  • Free water skiing and toys liability
  • £3,000,000 third party indemnity included and up to £5,000,000 can be provided for a small additional insurance increment
  • Marine Legal Protection and Houseboat Contents cover available (optional for a small additional premium)  
  • Policies underwritten by excellent insurers.
  • Rapid boat insurance quotes...

Whilst we only ever offer a quality insurance product are also completely confident that for a quality insurance product our insurance rates are competitive with other insurers, if you find better elsewhere let us know!

Our Latest Rates

Third Party CoverFully Comprehensive
Cruisers (up to 35 knots) From £87.80 » From £173.57 »
Day boats/ Small Motor Boat From £87.80 » From £114.42 »
Dinghies From £39.60 » From £46.75 »
Narrowboats From £76.60 » From £116.92 »
RIBs From £133.72 » From £207.08 »
Rowing (all sizes) From £48.60 » From £50.00 »
Speedboats / Sports boats From £121.40 » From £238.43 »
Yachts / Sailboats From £110.20 » From £284.14 »

Furthermore, besides great rates, listed below are some of the key boat insurance policy attributes that we can provide as standard. We are a Worcestershire, UK based company and are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and with an enviable reputation within the Marine Insurance industry, why pay more and accept less?

Some FAQ's

Can I buy boat insurance online?

Yes and in a majority of instances you can buy it online immediately without any intervention. Only under certain circumstances might you need our help, higher vessel value, a claims history within the lat 5 years, certain vessel types that are above 25 years (usually we just need to see a recent survey), non-standard cruising ranges, vessels undergoing major refit/ repair or larger commercial vessels.

Is it a legal requirement to buy boat insurance?

Boat insurance is NOT a legal necessity here in the UK, however you may need at least a 3rd policy to access private boatyards and marinas both at home and in Europe. If in doubt, always check locally in advance. If you do risk it, buying boat insurance online is usually quick but equally a third party policy to give at least you peace of mind can cost as little as £51.32 per year.

How to reduce your premium

Greater risk and higher vessel value means a higher premium that is an unavoidable fact of all insurance. Therefore ensure your vessel valuation is properly realistic (check current market rates), thereftaer certain factors are known to increase the risk. These factors include racing, non-private/ unprotected moorings, long distance cruising, older vessels, address these items to reduce risk if you can. You can also opt for an increased excess.

The information you'll need to buy boat insurance

When buying boat insurance online you'll neeed to provide your boat's make and model, build year, legal owner name(s), cruising range, vessel length, mooring type/ location, no claims years or details of any recent claims and finally the vessel registration location (i.e. UK/ non-UK). After purchase evidence of no claims bonus will need submitting and older vessel owners (20-25 years+) may well need to supply recent boat survey evidence.

Should I shop around for boat insurance?

Of course, we're entirely confident our policies equal or exceed anything available in our industry but we want you to be entirely confident too. This advice is particularly relevant if you have a very high value vessel, want to insure multiple vessels or very specialist cruising/ activity requirements... in all instances it may also well be worth giving us a quick call on 01684 564 457 if you're unhappy with your immediate quote or our policy conditions. Remember we're an underwriter not a broker so we always have qualified staff immediately at hand to tailor your package to your specific circumstances.

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Get a boat insurance quoteNot only do we offer a great insurance product and UK customer service, we offer it at fantastically competitive rates... simple! Don't Pay More & Accept Less! Get Covered Today »

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  • No claims discount up to 30%
  • Protected no claims discount
  • Specialist claims service
  • UK only staff
  • Hand-picked, quality policies
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