Dinghy Types

Listed below is our full list of insurable dinghy categories. If yours is not listed just let us know and we can normally simply add your category. Click here to insure your dinghy;

Dinghy Insurance - Class A's

302, Access 2.3, Access 303, Avon Scow, Bembridge Scow, Bic 245, Blue Peter, Bobbin, British Moth, Cadet, Canoe, Chichester Scow, Classic Moth, Concept 302, Embassy, Escape 12, Escape Captiva, Escape Cha Cha, Escape Mambo, Escape Mango, Escape Rumba, Escape Solsa, Europti, Foxer, Freshman, Gremlin, Gull, Heron, Heyland Marine Rockett, Heyland Marine Sturdy 320, Heyland Marine Sturdy 400, Heyland Marine Swallow, Heyland Marine Swift, Heyland Trout, Hobie Catsy, Kayak, Keyhaven Scow, Kontender, Laser Bug, Laser Funboat, Laser Pico Sport, Lune Pilot 11ft, Lymington Scow, Magnum 15, Mermaid, Mirror, Morbic 12, Nimbus, Nova, Open Bic, Oppi, Optimist, Otter, Poole Ab, Prout Puffin, Puffin, Rs Q Ba, Rs Tera, Seagull, Seahopper Crafty Scamp, Seahopper Kondor, Seahopper Nifty Fifty, Shellback, Signet, Stowaway 18, Stowaway 20, Stowaway 24, Tabur 320, Tera, Tera Pro, Tideway 10, Tinker Foldaway, Tinker Funsail, Tinker Tramp, Topper, Topper Taz, Wakeman Dinghy, Walker Bay 10, Walker Bay 8, Wensum 11, West 11, West Wight Scow, Windrider 10 Trimaran, Zephyr

Dinghy Insurance - Class B's

11 Plus, 370, 404, Bantham, Bonito, Byte, Carra 16, Character Coastal 15, Character Post Boat, Comet, Comet Duo, Comet Mino, Comet Xtra, Comet Zero, Cornish Cormorant, Coypu, Drascombe Scaffie, Drascombe Skiff, Express, Fibrocell 12, Fibrocell Dinghy (up To 10ft), Firefly, Fleetwind, Foamcrest 12, Fun Yak Secu 12, Goeller 12, Graduate, Heyland Marine Lugger, Hobie 405, Hobie Holder 14, Hobie Teddy, Illusion, Jimmy Skiff, Kittiwake 14, Lapwing, Laser Pico, Laser Radial, Lightning 368, Linder 400 Sportsman, Lune Pilot 12ft 6in, Lune Pilot 14ft 6in, Lymington Pram, Mayfly, Minicat, Minisail, Miracle, Norfolk Urchin, Pacer, Privateer 12, Redwing, Rs Feva, Rs Feva S, Rs Feva Xl, Sailaway, Seafire, Selway Fisher 13, Skipper 12, Solo, Splash, Stc 320, Stiffkey Cockle, Stornoway 12, Streaker, Swallow Storm 15, Swallow Trouper 12, Tideway 12, Tideway 14, Tinker, Tonic, Topper Topaz, Turtle, Twinkle 12, Vagabond, Wayfarer, West Wight Potter 15, Westray 16, Winkle Brigg.

Dinghy Insurance - Class C's

420, 490, Albacore, Ar 15, Arctic Tern, Astus 14.1, Astus 16.1, Beneteau Wizz, Beta, Blaze, Bosun, Bullet, Caledonia Yawl, Canadian Canoe, Challenger Tri, Clovelly Picarooner, Coastal Whammel, Comet Race, Comet Trio, Comet Versa, Cornish Coble, Cornish Shrimper, Crescent, Cruz, Delta 4, Devon Lugger, Devon Scaffie, Devon Yawl, Dolphin, Dragonfly, Drascombe Dabber, Drascombe Longboat, Drascombe Lugger, Fairey Falcon, Fairway, Falmouth Day Boat, Flash, Flying Junior, Glen Boats Yawl, Gos 16, Gp14, Harrier, Hobie Bravo, Hobie Dragoon, Hobie Twixxy, Hobie Wave, Hunter Legend 170, International 12 Foot, International 2.4 Metre, Kestrel, Kittiwake 16, Lark, Laser 13, Laser 16, Laser 2000, Laser Bahia, Laser Fun, Laser Ii, Laser Stratos, Laser Stratos Keel, Laser Vago, Lazy E, Leader, Longstone 12, Lune Longboat, Lune Whammel, Macaulay 16, Marauder, Martin 16, Megabyte, Minuet Pocket Yacht, Mirror 16, Mx Ray, National 12, Ness Yawl, New Bat 3.6, New Bat Slider, Norfolk One Design, Norfolk Oyster, Northumbrian Coble, Ns14, Ok, Pegasus, Raider 18, Rainbow, Redeye Solution, Rs 300, Rs 500, Rs Aero, Rs Vareo, Rs Vision, Rs100, Rs200, Rs400, Salcombe Yawl, Scorpion, Sea Fly, Sea Ranger, Skipper 14, Skipper 17, Skua, Skud 18, Snipe, Solution, Spectrum, Sprite, Sprog, St Mawes One Design, Stern, Sunfish, Supernova, Swallow Bayraider, Swallow Storm 17, Swallow Storm 19, Swallow Winsome, Swordfish, Tasar, Teeny, Tela 16 Dayboat, Tinker Traveller, Topper Classic, Topper Omega, Topper Sport 14, Topper Sport 16, Topper Topaz Magno, Topper Topaz Xenon, Toy, Trearddur Bay 14, Vandercraft V3000, Vanguard 15, Victoria 16, Wanderer, Wayfarer World, West Kirby Star Class, West Wight Potter 19, Westerly Nimrod, Weymouth Falcon, Wildfire 16, Wineglass, Wivenhoe One Design, X4, Yachting World Dayboat, Zenith, Zoom

Dinghy Insurance - Class D's

12ft Skiff, 29’er, 29erxx, 470, 59er, Alto, Astus 20.1, Bez 2 Trailer Sailer, Buzz, Cherub, Cherub Daemon, Contender, Dart 12, Dart 15, Dart 16, Dart 18, Escape Playcat, Finn, Fireball, Flyer, Hawke Surfcat, Hobie 14, Hobie 15, Hornet, Hunter Tracer, Iso, Jacksnipe, Javelin, Jolly Boat, K1, Kl 14 Tonic, Laser 3000, Laser 4000, Laser Eps, Laser Vortex, Laser Vortex Asymmetric, Liverpool Bay Falcon, Merlin Rocket, Mrx, Musto Skiff, National 18, New Cat 14, New Cat 15, Norfolk Punt, Osprey, Rs400, Sailfish 18, Sandhopper, Scimitar, Sprint 15, Squib, Topcat K2, Topper Topaz 16c, Topper Topaz 16cx, Virus Magnum 18, Virus Plus 16, Windrider 16 Trimaran, Windrider 17 Trimaran, Yeoman.

Dinghy Insurance - Class E's

12 Sq Metre Sharpie, 505, B14, Boss, Catapult, Cirrus, Condor, Dart Hawk, Dart Tsx, F18, Hobie 16, Hobie 17, Hobie Getaway, Hurricane 5.9, International 14, Jet, Kl 17.5 Tonic, Laser 5000, Nacra 450, Pixie 14, Prindle 15, Prindle 16, Prindle Escape, Rondar K6, Rs K6, Shearwater, Spitfire

Dinghy Insurance - Class F's

49’er, 49er Fx, A Class Cat (foiling), A Class Catamaran, Access Breeze, Access Liberty, Acorn Skiff, Adventurer, Adventuress, Aquafax Inflatable (up To 3.5m/ 10hp Ob), Asymmetric Canoe, Avon Inflatable (up To 3.5m/ 10hp Ob), Axe One Design, Beaulieu Scow, Bittern, Bladerider, Brightlingsea One Design, Burnham Scow, Catbird 16, Clinker Sailing Dinghy, Collars Skiff, Cornish Crabber 12, Cornish Crabber 17, Cornish Limpet, Cygnus 15, D-one, D-zero, Dart 16x, Dart 20, Deben Lugger, Diam, Dinghygo, Dinghygo 3 Nomad, Dinghygo Beach 2, Dinghygo Nomad 3, Dinghygo Nomad S, Dinghygo Orca (inflatable), Eagle 525, Enterprise, Estuary One Design, Europe, Excel Inflatable (up To 3.5m/ 10hp Ob), Falmouth Bass Boat, Farr 3.7, Farthing, Flying Dutchman, Flying Fifteen, Flying Mantis, Foreland, Formula 16, Formula 18, Fowey River Dinghy, Fun Yak (up To 3.5m/ 10hp Ob), Fusion, Goat Island Skiff, Gosling 4.7, Grand Regatta 310, Grand Regatta 370, Grand Regatta 370s, Guillemot, Ha''penny Sailing Dinghy, Hadron H1, Hadron H2, Halo, Hamble Star, Happy Cat Vision, Hartley 10, Hartley 12.2, Hartley 15, Heybridge Roach, Heyland Toad, Hobbie Mirage Adventure Island *rename, Hobbie Mirage Tandem Island *rename, Hobie 18, Hobie 18 Pacific, Hobie 21, Hobie Advance, Hobie Fox, Hobie Fx1, Hobie Icat, Hobie Pearl, Hobie Tiger, Hobie Wildcat F18, Honda Honwave Inflatable (up To 3.5m/ 10hp Ob), Hurricane 4.9, Icon, Inflatable Dinghy (up To 3.5m/ 10hp Ob), Inter 17, Inter 18, Inter 20, International 14 Classic, International 14 Penultimate, International Canoe, International Moth, Jewel, K2, Langstone Fisherman, Laser / Laser One, Laser 4.7, Laser Club Fj, Laser Foiling, Laser Sb3, Lugsail, Lyntham Pilot, Mac 370, Mallard, Mayflower, Mcnulty Kielter 12, Nacra 15, Nacra 17, Nacra 5.5, Nacra 500, Nacra 570, Nacra 580, Nacra 6.0, Nacra F18, Neo 495, New Cat F1, Newbourne Sniper, North Sea Skiff, Nutshell Dinghy, Opera, Phantom (vandercraft), Pioneer 10, Pioneer 12, Prindle 18.2, Prindle 19, R19, Rooster 8.1, Rs 600, Rs 600 Ff, Rs 700, Rs 800, Rs Aero Foiling, Rs Cat16, Rs Neo, Rs Quest, Rs Venture, Sailfish 12, Sb20, Seago Inflatable (up To 3.5m/ 10hp Ob), Seashell Limpet, Shadow Catamaran, Shadow X Catamaran * Renamed, Shetland Skiff, Smacks Boat, Snark Sunflower, Sonar, Stealth F16, Stealth F18, Stornoway 9, Sunray 11, Sunsport Inflatable (up To 3.5m/ 10hp Ob), Swallow Storm Petrel 14, Swift Explorer 18, Tarpon 14ft Dinghy, Tepco 12, Thames Turtle, Topcat K1, Topcat K3, Topper Breeze, Topper Cruz, Topper Spice, Topper Topaz 12, Topper Topaz 14c, Topper Topaz 14cx, Topper Topaz 16s, Topper Topaz Argo, Topper Topaz Uno Plus, Topper Topaz Uno Race Plus, Topper Topaz Uno Race X, Topper Topaz Vibe * Renamed, Torch, Tornado Catamaran, Twincat 15, Twinkle 10, Uffa Fox Fox Cub, Unicorn, Vaurien, Viper Catamaran, Vx One, Wagtail, Waszp, Waveco Inflatable (up To 3.5m/ 10hp Ob), Waveline Inflatable (up To 3.5m/ 10hp Ob), West Solent Scow, Weta 4.4 Trimaran, Whisper Catamaran, Windward Inflatable (up To 3.5m/ 10hp Ob), Zar Formenti Inflatable (up To 3.5m/ 10hp Ob), Zodiac Inflatable (up To 3.5m/ 10hp Ob), Zuma

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