Comparing Boat Insurance: A Unique Approach

There is a wide number of competitor websites who offer to 'compare boat insurance', however upon perusing them you'll find that strangely very few of them offer any real selection of competitive quotations. The reason for this is that whilst so many other websites advertise that they compare boat insurance actually a minimal number of companies, usually syndicated companies working together offer only a handful of quotations. Alternatively you'll be presented with an accumulation of affiliate hyper-links, Google could have done that for you had you typed in the term boat insurance! Therefore our way of enabling customers to compare our boat insurance prices is both a genuine attempt to offer goodwill but is also unique to our industry. 

Okay so our approach is different, but how? We simply publish our best and our average active policy insurance prices processed in the last year. We even inform you when the current lowest insurance policy was secured so that you can be sure whether those prices are still active (for example, not some historical once upon a time quotation). At a glance therefore our potential customers can see what value for money they will receive when they come to us. Not forgetting of course that when you do compare boat insurance, you should also remember;

  • Our policies are provided by hand-picked underwriters.
  • There is no excess for most first claims in home marinas (conditions apply).
  • Free water-skiing and water-toys cover is included for those who require it.
  • Racing cover for dinghies is included as standard.
  • United Kingdom based 24/7 claims helpline.
  • You'll always be dealt with by named UK staff

Comparison Boat Insurance Quotes

Here for purposes of comparison are our current lowest and average policy costs, based upon live customer data . If you find our you're paying to much for too little, for a boat insurance quote click on the relevant categories' link below to get a quotation... you can be covered in less than 5 minutes!

Boat Insurance TypePolicy TypeCurrent LowestCurrent Lowest Start DateCurrent Average
Speedboat insurance » Fully Comprehensive £117.37 08/07/2018 £185.84
Third Party Only £76.52 18/04/2019 £91.26
Yacht insurance » Fully Comprehensive £111.56 01/02/2019 £296.94
Third Party Only £51.32 01/07/2018 £93.66
Narrowboat insurance » Fully Comprehensive £102.73 28/09/2018 £205.62
Third Party Only £51.32 03/05/2019 £59.36
Catamaran insurance » Fully Comprehensive £169.13 27/02/2019 £356.77
Third Party Only £76.52 28/10/2018 £85.47
RIB insurance » Fully Comprehensive £107.04 03/06/2018 £183.43
Third Party Only £69.50 18/07/2018 £80.00
Houseboat insurance » Fully Comprehensive £190.66 02/03/2019 £278.58
Third Party Only £51.32 30/10/2018 £58.05
Rowing boat insurance » Fully Comprehensive £44.25 15/11/2018 £99.53
Third Party Only £36.24 13/03/2019 £40.08
Dinghy insurance » Fully Comprehensive £27.17 05/09/2018 £89.04
Third Party Only £28.68 12/05/2019 £32.50
Dutch barge insurance » Fully Comprehensive £348.36 03/08/2018 £474.59
Third Party Only £137.00 30/10/2018 £182.20
Sports boat insurance » Fully Comprehensive £117.37 08/07/2018 £185.84
Third Party Only £76.52 18/04/2019 £91.26
Small Motor Boat/ Day boat (up to 17 knots) » Fully Comprehensive £78.74 28/09/2018 £138.07
Third Party Only £51.32 27/07/2018 £67.07
Large motor Boat/ Day Boat (up to 35 knots) » Fully Comprehensive £93.88 24/08/2018 £171.83
Third Party Only £65.00 10/05/2019 £76.46
Small Cruiser (up to 17 knots) » Fully Comprehensive £93.28 24/06/2018 £193.25
Third Party Only £51.32 27/07/2018 £67.97
Large Cruiser (up to 35 knots) » Fully Comprehensive £106.26 06/08/2018 £310.49
Third Party Only £61.40 23/05/2018 £80.55

Get a quoteSo hopefully we've now convinced you that not only do we provide excellent value but additionally when purchasing through ourselves, you get a guaranteed quality of insurance that you just won't automatically get with the majority of our competitors. Plus of course you're dealing with a purely United Kingdom based boat insurance specialist, one that does not have large corporate overheads, but equally one that has a large enough number of customers to offer you great prices. Why pay more and accept less? Get a quotation & get covered today.

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