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Boat Insurance Definitions beginning with - 'W'


  • The term wake literally means to come to life or to cause to stir. Thus a boat's wake is simply the water disturbance that is left behind/ astern as a vessel travels through water.


  • A very strong rope, usually fixed to one end, used for moving or anchoring large vessels.


  • A boat whose hull has been filled/ submerged with water.


  • Any inland water-bound route such as estuary, canal, river or lake that vessels (with appropriate boat insurance!) can travel on.


  • To wear is to sail through 360 degrees in order to avoid a jibe/ gybe thus changing your downwind direction.


  • A winch device used typically used to assist in raising an anchor or pulling on sail lines.


  • A windlass is normally used within boating to haul sails, to open/close canal lock paddles (on inland waterways) or to raise/lower anchors. A windlass can be fixed (usually as part of a rotational drum device) or free standing (e.g. when used on canal lock gates). From a boat insurance perspective a windlass would be considered an integral part of a boat's equipment.


  • Towards the direction from which the wind is blowing.


NB: These boat insurance terms are provided with best intent only. All are subject to correction or amendment at any time. They are also secondary to any definitions provided in our boat insurance policy documentation.

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