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Boat Insurance Definitions beginning with - 'P'

Partial Loss

  • Any boat insurance claim successfully processed that does not mean the entire replacement of the vessel.

Particular Average Freedom

  • This is a boat insurance averaging clause relating to the recovery of part losses which were the result of a sunken boat, beaching, collision with another vessel or fire.

Personal effects

  • Personal possessions belonging to you or members of your family permanently residing with you, which do not form part of the vessel & which are temporarily taken on board the vessel for personal use.


  • A piling is a heavy support pillar that is driven deep into the waterbed but protruding out through the water in order to support a mooring.

Pleasure boat insurance

  • Pleasure boat insurance is a collective term for private or hobbyists boat insurance.

    We provide a full range of such insurances via our pleasure boat insurance webpage.


  • The boat insurance policy is the legally binding contract between a boat owner/ marine insurance customer and Mercia Marine.

Port side

  • Port side is simply the vessels left-hand side.

Port Tack

  • Sailing with the wind coming over the starboard side/ port bow of the yacht/ dinghy/ catamaran.


  • The core cost of the boat insurance policy to be born by the client. Additional costs that may be incurred besides the core premium are: tax, administration charges and extras (e.g. marine breakdown cover, legal expenses and boat insurance contents cover).

Proof of Boat Insurance

  • Proof of boat insurance is a simple policy document providing evidence from a boat insurer to confirm a policy is active.

Proximate Cause

  • The single event most directly/ sufficiently related to the cause of a boat insurance incident. Thus the single most impacting event that is held to be the primary cause.


  • The pulpit is the main guard rail that sits at the bow of the boat. This is an essential requirement for certain types of ocean-going vessels in order to obtain boat insurance.


NB: These boat insurance terms are provided with best intent only. All are subject to correction or amendment at any time. They are also secondary to any definitions provided in our boat insurance policies.

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