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Boat Insurance Definitions beginning with - 'G'


  • A gaff is a pole connected to a vessels mast that supports a particular kind of sail.


  • These are the planks or plates that sit each side of a vessel's keel. Thus being next to the keel they form the lowest part of a vessel's hull.

General Average

  • The general average is the loss that arises after a voluntary sacrifice of part of the vessel, the cargo, or a boat related asset in order to safeguard the vessels other assets.

General Average Contribution

  • General Average Contribution is an insurance term which relates to losses or expenditures that are contributed to by the risk interest based upon their collective value.

General Liability Insurance

  • A boat insurance policy that includes general liability cover means that you are protected against any claim made against you for damage to personal property and/ or personal injury (e.g. whiplash is common in instances of collision).

Give-way vessel

  • A give-way vessel is one that does not have the right of way and thus who should either hold back or steer clear of the main right of way.

Give-way vessel

  • When passing the give-way vessel is the one that must exit the right of way to allow the oncoming vessel to pass.

Guaranteed Replacement Value

  • This type of boat insurance policy cover means that the insurer reimburses in full the value of the damaged or lost vessel.


  • Top side of a boat.


NB: These boat insurance terms are provided with best intent only. All are subject to correction or amendment at any time. They are also secondary to any definitions provided in our boat insurance policy documentation.

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