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Boat Insurance Definitions beginning with - 'F'

Fair Wind

  • Fair wind is the following wind through which the vessel travels.


  • Fall-off is a sailing term used to define a turn in direction away from the wind.


  • A strip, pad or shield strategically positioned around the extremities of the boat to prevent accidental damage that would otherwise lead to a claim. A recommended must have by all good boat insurance companies!

Financial Services Authority

  • The FSA are UK-wide independent regulators of all boat insurance policies that are sold in the UK. Registration details with the FSA should be displayed on all insurance company websites, if not go elsewhere!


  • The foresail is the sail positioned directly in front of the main mast.


  • Similar to a deductible, but the claim is fully met if the vessel value is met or exceeded.

Free of Particular Average - English Conditions

  • Boat insurance policy clause that removes cover for partial loss to cargo except if the vessel has been affected by being burned, stranded, sunken or in a collision.

Fully comprehensive

  • Provides cover for All Risks of physical loss of or damage to the insured items and provides protection against any legal liability to any Third Party if you were to cause an accident


  • Furling (the opposite of unfurling) is the process of rolling up your sail to put it away.


NB: These boat insurance terms are provided with best intent only. All are subject to correction or amendment at any time. They are also secondary to any definitions provided in our boat insurance policy documentation.

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