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Held Covered

  • Held covered is an initial acceptance of risk which is yet to be formally commenced. Coverage is very often based upon certain operating conditions which are documented by the insurer.


  • A trysail is used in strong, testing weather conditions instead of a mainsail to help prevent damage to the mainsail. It is merely a very small version of the main sail. It can also be used by learners during training.


  • A ring or snap, made of steel or strong plastic that is attached to the luff of a jib/ sail (e.g. gaff or stay sail) which attaches to the fore stay.


  • A wooden, nylon or metal fitting use to secure a line.

Nautical Chart

  • Simply one of the most fundamental tools available to those navigating the high seas. These charts highlight shorelines as well as flagging water depths and highlighting known dangers.


Please note: All boat insurance glossary terms are provided with best intentions only. All terms are subject to correction or amendment at any time and are also always superseded/ secondary to any definitions provided in current marine insurance policy documentation.

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